Comilegno Srl - teak and timbers
Comilegno Srl - teak and timbers
Comilegno Srl - teak and timbers
Comilegno Srl - teak and timbers
Comilegno Srl - teak and timbers
Comilegno Srl - teak and timbers


The extraordinary resistance of Teak was well-known even in ancient times. Since then and thanks to  its exceptional characteristics which cannot be found in other species (as its stability when in contact with foreign elements, the scarce movement and the extremely long resistance to bad whether conditions without undergoing special treatments), it is the most suitable wood for outside works.

The waterproofness and the beauty are its natural characteristics and cannot accept any intervention through artificial plantations. Undoubtedly, it is the most renowned and requested wood in the nautical industry.

The use of Teak is a choice stemming not only from an aesthetic element, but also from the technical quality required by the very high needs of the sector of the shipbuilding: unique peculiarities able to tackle the marine environment, the temperature jumps and humidity which boats are subject to, thereby granting resistance and durability all over the years.
Although the nautical sector mostly uses it for its ductility, Teak can also be used in the building sector, in the construction of high quality furniture, decks, bridges, racks, floorings, coverings, interiors.

Natural forests

Teak is one of the most valuable woods in the world. Its peculiar characteristics stem from the matching of the different elements of natural forests where it grows naturally and where it finds its ideal environment.

In the past, it has been tried to plant such species in other bordering areas, in the plain or closer to the coast, also in other continents such as Africa or South America; however, such a similar result in terms of quality able to equal the spontaneous and natural growth occurring in the hills in the South-East of Asia has never been reached. The tests showed that the tree grows much more drier, narrower, shorter and without the oily resin which give it the characteristics of waterproofness, impenetrability and resistance, thus making it unique. In the natural forests, the growth is very slow, the rings are very narrow, the oily resin can be found in any layer, the pulp is thicker and knots and infiltrations are much more rarer.

Peculiarities of the wood

Teak has a good attitude for being cut, a moderate specific weight, a rather easy manufacturing, a good flexibility and high stability. Wood movement is almost absent, exceptional and constant all over the surface, is one of the woods lasting longer, practically impenetrable to insects and termites. It is water-proof and endures under water; it also lasts forever indoor.

In the logs of good quality, wood pulp is homogeneous and uniform: this means that the plant had a slow growth, with its natural course and with no sharp difference of growth in the several periods of the year. After a period of natural seasoning which is necessary to stabilize wood and enable it to loose its natural humidity, Teak is considered as being one of the most stable woods in commerce and constriction and dilatation are very slight or inexistent.

The colour is golden dark yellow and becomes tobacco/nut-brown with the passing of time; it is uniform and crossed by darker grain. Wood colours and grain may vary considerably according to the area of origin, the degree of humidity and land structure. Oxidation is rather high outside, while it does not occur inside thanks to the treatments. The seasoning is very slow -around 1 cm per year. The semi-manufactured products can be dried in kiln. It is likely that the colour changes or undergoes oxidation, but it becomes uniform in a short time. Striping and stains caused by agglomeration of tannin might occur inside.

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