Comilegno Srl - teak and timbers
produzione mastre teak
Comilegno Srl - teak and timbers
Comilegno Srl - teak and timbers
Comilegno Srl - teak and timbers
Comilegno Srl - teak and timbers

Craftmade quality processing

Rigorous quality checks and tests, accurate selection of the materials and high precision processing standards: these are the keywords of the Comilegno’s production and trade policies. Being highly specialized, the production of finished products in teak lumber may include any size and section, satisfying any special or tailor-made request.

Deep-rooted experience, technological innovation and a constant research let Comilegno set up production lines for furniture accessories and wood floors, making the most of the valuable finish and durable properties of teak lumber.

Comilegno srl, offers a wide range of materials:


Teak Lumber is available in 1800-3000 or 3000-5000 mm length, mixed widths and different thicknesses, mainly 55 and 65 mm, with the quality required for the different uses.


Manufacturing according to customer specific needs. Quarter sawn on face and side according with quality standards required for Super Yachts.


Manufacturing of margin, handrail and flooring in different sizes according to the specific needs of our customers.

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