Teak’s extraordinary durability has encouraged its use since ancient times, and thanks to the natural oiliness of the wood and its extraordinary properties that cannot naturally be found in other species, it is the most popular wood for nautical decks applications.

The use of Teak is also a choice dictated by aesthetic factors, but above all by its technical qualities designed to cope with the maritime enviroment , temperature changes and humidity to which boats are subjected, guaranteeing strenght and durability over the years.


Stability in contact with maritime agents, low movement and very long weather resistance can also be achieved by other specific wood species provided that specific treatments are carried out, Comilegno is a TMT Marine® distributor, a product suitable for nautical use, studied and selected for its properties.

TMT Marine®‘s treatment has been refined and finalized over the years by specialised technical experts and laboratories. A decade of research has led to the identification of the optimal duration, pressure and temperature of the treatment, which, combined with the selection of the correct specie of wood, as well as its proper cutting, guarantees DURABILITY CLASS 1.
The wood used for TMT Marine® is the American Hard Maple.


TEAK INDIA e TMT Marine®have good cutting properties, moderate specific weight, a rather easy manufacturing, a good flexibility and high stability.

Wood movement is almost absent, exceptional and constant all over the surface. They are the most woods lasting longer, practically impenetrable to insects and termites.

It is water-proof and endures under water; it also lasts forever indoor.

The colour is golden dark yellow/nut-brown, it is uniform and crossed by darker grain.

Wood colours and grain may vary considerably according to the area of origin, the degree of humidity and land structure.