Craftmade quality processing

Rigorous quality checks and tests, accurate selection of the materials and high precision processing standards: these are the keywords of the Comilegno’s production and trade policies.

Specialized in the production of staves and finished products for flooring and furnishings for the nautical industry, the Company produces any size/section, satisfying any special or tailor-made request.

Deep-rooted experience, technological innovation and a constant research let Comilegno set up production lines for furniture accessories and wood floors, hus combining the pleasantness of teak and other types of wood suitable for use in a marine environment with their inalterability over time.

Comilegno, offers a wide range of materials:


Available in different wood species, all HARDENABILITY CLASS 1, suitable for nautical use, outdoors, resistant to marine agents.
Available sizes mm 27/40/52, different thicknesses on request, mixed widths, lengths mm 900-1700, 1800-3000, 3000+.


Available in FEQ or Quarter Sawn quality perfectly rifled, standard sizes or customised to customer specifications.


Products with slats in the dimensions required by the customer, available in standard or customised sizes.


handrails, decorative elements and flooring in different sizes.