With you for over 40 years

Comilegno has long experience and deep knowledge in the sector of exotic timber-mostly on Teak, the material for which the company is well-known in the international shipbuilding industry.

After a first selection, in its Italian manufacturing division located on the border of the regions of Veneto and Friuli Venezia-Giulia, Comilegno produces all manufactured products for interior and exterior fitting out of yachts, valuable manufactured products complying with the highest quality standards the maritime industry requires.

Quality from origin

Teak imported by Comilegno, teak importers company, only comes from the forests of the low hills of South-East Asia.
The climate there is characterized by dry and humid seasons alternating one another, thus giving the plants a typical ‘golden’ colouring with straight, even and plain grains, which is what the nautical market asks for most.

Actually, among the world wood species, teak wood is one of the most durable, impenetrable, resistant against marine agents, as well as it is easy to work, stable and light. As it is strongly wear resistant, it is suitable for any use, from nautical industry to interior design and wood flooring.

Comilegno is a company well known among the older teak importers, but its offering includes also different most valuable marine timber wood, as selected according to the quality standards required by the naval and nautical industries.

Besides Teak, the other available species are khaja mahogany, acajou, sipo and sapelli, all of them provided in size and dimension suitable for different use and application. Moreover, Comilegno can supply marine plywood in various species and size.