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Importers and suppliers of decks for the nautical industry.

Comilegno has long experience and deep knowledge in the sector of exotic timber-mostly on Teak, the material processing teak for which the company is well-known in the international shipbuilding industry. After a first strict selection in the place of Origin, in its Italian manufacturing division located on the border of the regions of Veneto and Friuli Venezia-Giulia, Comilegno produces all manufactured products for interior and exterior fitting out of yachts, valuable manufactured products complying with the highest quality standards the maritime industry requires.

Il Teak imported by Comilegno only comes from the forests of the low Hills of South-East Asia.
Products mainly include staves, coamings, rubberized panels ready to be laid on deck produced in standard and customized sizes, and timber..

With a view to improving and expanding the range of products, Comilegno has recently added the TMT MARINE product to the Teak from various Asian countries.


Comilegno began its activity as a supplier of flooring elements for boats and yachts more than forty years ago, focusing from the very beginning both on building direct and long-lasting relationships with reliable suppliers in the countries of origin, and on placing attention and utmost seriousness on the product offered to customers.

The search and selection of serious business partners who would guarantee continuous collaboration, careful selection of materials, reliability in supplies, and respect for business relationships and environmental regulations have always been the company’s core values and are the key to offering a guarantee in supplies and marketed products.

Over the years, the company’s business activities have been implemented and improved: to date, only a small part of the imported material is marketed, most of it is produced, cut, planed, assembled, calibrated, so as to meet the changing needs of the market, which today requires finished and customized elements, ready to be installed.

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COMILEGNO is a TMT MARINE® distributor

We have recently become the TMT Marine® distributors for Italy, Slovenia, Croatia.